Blue Rim Bettas

What makes a perfect Blue Rim Betta?

1. The Body of the Betta and the form of the Betta assume to be already good with no visible defects. This includes the eyes, scales and fins.

2. The Colour of the pectoral of an exceptional Blue Rim should also be uniformed. This means that both pectorals should look the same. There are a few exceptions though where you can have one which is a full blue, partial blue/white, white or clear. What we look for in our stock are the full blue or partial blue/white. The other varieties to us don't deserve to be on our website as we understand that you are a premium customer.

3. The Colour of the Rim should be a solid blue (various shades) there should be only minimal bleed to the white throughout.

4. The body colour of a Blue Rim Betta should be platinum white in colour. There should be no speckling of the blue in the body.

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