Australian Black Worms

We have been a customer of Australian Black Worms since 2008. We have continued our friendship to the late founder Mal Davison for many years. In fact I was privileged all those years ago to help Mal and Beth with Version 2 for their website and I am forever grateful in the hospitality that Mal has provided me and my family.

In 2008 we were also personally invited to visit the farm to look through the farm and also to see Mal’s operations. We were so pleased and excited with understanding the history and understanding how Australian Black Worms started.

Fast forward to today at 2020, we are pleased to say that we regularly get our Live Black Worms from the team and we also get our fresh batch of freeze dried Black Worms every 2 months.

If you are looking to get something that is nutritious for your fish give Live Black Worms a go.

Our Schedule

Live Worms – Usually delivered on the Wednesdays of the month

Freeze Dried – Usually delivered on the 1st Wednesday every 2nd month.


Have ANY item shipped, you WIN a collectable Nano Tanks Australia coin worth (at least) $10!