AQUAEL Aquariums

The Aquael range of aquariums is something that we are very fond off. Of all the brands that is currently available in Australia it hits a sweet spot for any budget conscious aquarist.

The range of tanks is perfect for those who are starting in the hobby or an experience keeper who has got a bad case of Multiple Tank Syndrome (MTS).

The range of tanks does come with an equally powerful Heater, Filter and Light that can grow plants easily.

If you are looking for something that is perfect for your home and goes well with the decor of your home consider looking into the Aquael range of tanks. 

We cater for tanks that are 10 Litres through to tanks that are 400 Litres.

Be assured that all parts does come with the necessary 2 year warranties.

Oh, and we use Aquael in most of our retail store aquarium lights


Have ANY item shipped, you WIN a collectable Nano Tanks Australia coin worth (at least) $10!