Tissue Cultures in Australia

Tissue Culture Australia


 Tissue Culture Australia is a premium site dedicated for the Aquarium plants in Australia.

We have some of the highest quality plants online and in our brick and mortar in Auburn NSW. We are also able to send our products all over Australia.

The stock is clear of any algae or snails or other harmful micro organisms. There are risks when purchasing immersed or submersed grown plants. Due to the sterile nature of the medium of which Tissue Cultures are grown, there are a vast advantage for those looking to grow aquascaping tanks that are dry started.

What do we offer?

NTA offers a wide array of Tissue Cultures.

Our Tissue Cultures comes from a well respected supplier in Australia. They provide some of the best tissue culture stock in the country.

With more then 100 units in stock, usually have the entire range of tissue cultures available to us.

What is the history of Tissue Cultures in Australia?

Tissue Cultures was first distributed in Australia by Fishy Plants in 2016.

At that time they had such beautiful Tissue Cultures like Anubias Nana Petite and Anubias Nanji.

The demand outstripped supply!

The decision was to consolidate and thus the main Australian Aquarium Plant Supplier came on the scene in a very big way. This was I believe the best thing that can happen to the industry as Australia was ready to embrace Tissue Culture Plants.

I remember having phone calls when I was working for Telstra in Melbourne and during my lunch breaks with the creator of Tissue Cultures in Australia and encouraging him about the benefits of Tissue Cultures in Australia.

After some convincing and some persuasion I was happy to start seeing all these great Tissue Cultures in 2016.

Fast forward to 2020 we have had the pleasure and privilege to be one of the first shops in Australia to sell Tissue Culture in Australia.

What kinds of Tissue Cultures we have on offer?

Many kinds of tissue cultures is currently available in Australia.

After the introduction of Anubias, the grower decided to focus there attention on Monte Carlo (micranthemum tweediei), HC (Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’), Dwarf Hairgrass (Eleocharis Belem Mini Hairgrass) and Glosso (glossostigma elatinoides).

To say we were excited was an understatement. With the main ground cover sorted the sights was in line with mid ground/ background plants. We were fortunate to be introduced with staples like alternanthera reineckii ‘mini’, staurogyne repens and lobelia cardinalis. 

This really set the stage of Tissue Culture Australia and we have now such a wide array of plants at our disposal and having a tank of your dreams is more affordable then ever.

I bought my plants or planning to buy my Tissue Culture Plants, what now?

If you have bought your plants or planning to buy your tissue culture plants, then that is such great news.

I always tell my customers (Such as yourself) this very statement.

“If you want to do something, it it once and do it right!”

This is no different than setting up an aquascaping tank.

You can get as little as possible for your tank, you can sparingly plant here and there. However, the results of that instant effect just won’t be there.

We recommend that you purchase as many cultures as possible to instantly have that carpeting effect.

We recommend that you also watch our YouTube Video and see if our suggestion suits your needs.

How do you make tissue culture for aquarium plants?

If you like to make tissue culture for aquarium plants, the process is not that straight forward and you will be required to purchase significant inventory and equipment to make it remotely viable.

I suggest against doing so as it takes time and money!

I suggest that you support the shops that do sell Tissue Cultures and leave the production to those who are qualified to do so.

Tissue Culture Australia has been widely accepted now.


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