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What is the best Betta Fish for Sale? Choosing the Right Betta

Buying Betta Fish, what is there to know?

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1. Why Choose a Betta Fish for Your Aquarium?

Betta fish are an incredibly popular choice for freshwater aquarium enthusiasts due to their vibrant colors, unique fin shapes, and relatively easy maintenance. They rank among my favourites due to their alluring appeal and verstality—you can keep a single male Betta fish in a community aquarium with some forethought or have it as the sole resident in a smaller tank. Betta fish are also suitable for beginners, being among the favourites, especially with their air-gill system known as a "Labyrinth". This unique feature allows them to breathe air and doesn’t require an aeration system in the tank.

2. The 'Betta Fish for Sale' market in Australia

The Betta fish market in Australia is thriving and very diverse. From colourful halfmoons to the more traditional plakats, one can find a wide assortment of Betta fish available across Sydney and other parts of New South Wales. It's also worth noting that the Betta fish market extends beyond the physical stores — many vendors are online shipping methods, ensuring that every Betta fish reaches its new home in the best possible condition. So, regardless of where you live within Australia, you can enjoy the splendour of having your own Betta fish. 

3. Transhipping Betta Singles

In the fish business, transhipping is a common process that brings these stunning creatures from their breeding grounds, often in Southeast Asia, to aquariums around the world. Transhipping Betta singles means relocating individual fish to countries like Australia for Betta fish enthusiasts.

This process is commonly executed by adept transhippers. They ensure the aquatic creatures are not only packaged properly but survive the journey without any undue stress or harm. Collaborating closely with responsible breeders and airlines, these professionals make certain that stringent guidelines and best practices are followed for the well-being of these beautiful fish.

Just keep in mind they undergo stress during travel and some issues may arise, so it is recommended a trusted and experienced pet shop (such as Nano Tanks Australia) be the intermediary.

4. Sibling Matings and Genetic Diversity

Sibling mating is a common practice among breeders to maintain specific desirable traits within Betta fish breeds, such as vibrant coloration and distinctive fin shapes. However, it should be noted that while this can result in some visually stunning Betta fish, it does reduce genetic diversity amongst the population.

Reduced genetic diversity can make the Betta fish more susceptible to diseases and genetic disorders over time. Therefore, responsible breeding is crucial to ensure the long-term health and vitality of Betta fish. This process must involve introducing unrelated Bettas into the breeding pool to maintain a healthy degree of genetic variation.

A male and female betta fish in a tank ready for breeding

A Wide Variety of Bettas on The Market

1. Betta Fish: Price and cost

Betta fish come in a wide range of prices, typically starting from $20 for assorted Betta, and can rise up to $80, or even much more for rare breeds and giants. The cost of a Betta fish depends on various factors, including its breed, size, coloration, fin shape, and rarity.

For instance, common types like Veiltail Bettas can be quite affordable, while show-quality Halfmoon, Crowntails, or Giant Betta fish can fetch higher prices due to their fancy tail and fin shapes. Rare colours and patterns such as the copper, gold, or white Bettas can also be more expensive. However, regardless of their price range due to supply and demand considerations, all Betta fish add untold beauty and charm to any aquarium. 

Some example prices as follows:

Variety of betta fish showing the range of prices from affordable to rare species

2. Betta Fish: Type and class (halfmoon, plakat, koi galaxy etc)

Betta fish come in a splendid array of types and classes, each with unique physical characteristics and temperaments.

The Halfmoon Betta, also known as half moon betta fighting, is famous for its stunning tail that spreads up to 180 degrees when flared, resembling a half-moon. These halfmoon plakats with their distinctive flowing tail, coming in vibrant colours, make eye-catching additions to any tank.

The Plakat Betta, is a short-finned variety known for its sleek appearance, its fins  although smaller are very erect and give the Plakat a fearsome appearance.

Other popular types include the spectacular koi galaxy and the delta tail betta fighting/  Each type of Betta fish offers a unique charm, making them an engaging addition for any aquatic enthusiast for as little as $28 from Nano Tanks Australia when on sale.  All are worth considering, especially for those looking to add a dash of excitement and intense colour to their tank.


different betta fish types like types of halfmoon and plakat

3. Betta Fish: Size and length

In terms of size and length, Betta fish are generally small, making them a perfect choice for a wide variety of tank sizes. On average, a typical adult Betta fish can reach up to 6-8cm in length.

However, the size can vary among the different types. For instance, the Giant or King Betta is renowned for reaching up to 11cm long — significantly bigger than most Bettas. When selecting your Betta, keep track of their potential size, as it can have an impact on their housing needs and comfort.

an adult betta fish measuring 6-8 cm in length

4. Betta Fish: Color and finnage

Betta fish are extremely popular because of their stunning colors and unique finnage.

Colours can be anything from solid, vibrant hues, like red, blue, or green, to intricate multi-colored patterns featuring shades like black, gold, and copper. Some Bettas even have metallic or iridescent scales that shimmer brilliantly under aquarium lights. Their color patterns can be marbled, piebald, masked, or butterfly, presenting a whimsical visual spectacle.

In terms of finnage, Betta fish are well-loved for their dramatic, flowing fins that come in a variety of shapes. From the elegant spread of the Halfmoons to the regal spikiness of the Crowntails, the sweeping simplicity of the Veiltails to the double tails of the aptly-named Double Tail Betta, each fin type provides a distinctive flair to the Betta fish's overall persona.

The beauty of Betta fish lies in their diversity - no two are exactly the same, making each a unique addition to your aquarium.

different bettas with various colours and fins

5. Betta Fish: Importance and rarity

Bettas are not just attractive aquarium fish, but also hold significant cultural importance in the areas where they originate — particularly in Thai and Malaysian cultures where they were traditionally used for fighting. Nowadays, they symbolise peace and serenity and are admired for their incredible beauty.

In terms of rarity, certain Betta fish are considered highly prized due to unique features, such as the "Rosetail" or "Feathertail" with significantly increased branching in their tail fin, or the Albino Betta, a type which is rare due to the absence of pigmentation.

Themed Bettas like the "Koi Betta" that resembles the colors and patterns of Koi fishes are also quite rare. These unique traits not only make Bettas spectacular to look at, but also a bit pricier compared to more common counterparts.


Rare rosetail betta

6. Betta Fish: Availability and supply

Betta fish are widely available both in physical pet stores and online. The diverse range, from the most common Veiltail Bettas to the rare Koi Bettas, are generally accessible.

The supply can vary based on the breeding season and demand. Sometimes certain uncommon types or colours might be temporarily out of stock and could take a few weeks or even months for the breeders to replenish.

However, most vendors usually have a regular supply of popular Betta fish types and colors. Here in our shop, we always strive to maintain a healthy stock of different Bettas to cater to your needs and preferences. 

Community Tanks, Aquascaping & Tank Mates for your Betta

A common concern alongside what Betta to buy, is what to put into your tank? Let's explore some options. What goes into a Betta Fish tank?  Lets explore:

Aquarium Plants, Driftwood






community tank with a betta, plants, driftwood, guppies, and gourami


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