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What is the best freshwater fish for an aquarium?

We do not sell saltwater fish.  The best freshwater fish, in our opinion, are Nano Fish (But we are biased.)  Nano fish are fish that grow to a size of fewer than five cm and are suitable for tanks as small as 60 litres.

The amount of fish that a fish tank can safely support is relative to the level of feeding and filtration. So Nano fish are the perfect fish for easy to maintain, economic aquariums.

The easiest to keep are Bettas. There are so many variations that are available and to choose from. Given their adaptability and ease in keeping, they are considered to be one of the best freshwater fish to keep.  Enquire with us if you would like other fish live with bettas in the tank.

Fortunately, the majority of the fish we have in our pet store are easy to keep and easy to maintain. We encourage you to look through our offerings as we do keep a wide array of Bettas, Shrimps, Guppies, and even Freshwater Shrimps

What are some good tips and accessories for first-time aquarium keepers?

At Nano Tanks Australia, we want to make sure that you will be confident in looking after your new pets.

We suggest you understand the workings of the nitrogen cycle, and of the species compatibility charts.  If you wish to breed, we have a variety of Male and Females in most species.

You need a filter, a heater, a net, aquarium soil, plants, water conditioner, fish and food. This is just the basics however if you are looking to get more sophisticated than it is best to look at our aquarium starter guide or contact us.

Best online stores for live fish for sale?

The best online stores that have live fish for sale really depends on what you are looking for. In Nano Tanks Australia/ OzDiscus, we are a very specialised shop that is dedicated to High-Quality DiscusBettaswanted shrimps, aquascaping, and Nano Fish. If these are your interest, then we are the best store to get these fish from.

However, if you wish to buy fish such as Marine Fish, South American Cichlids, or African Cichlids, we are not the best, and if you want us to get it at competitive prices, then ask us, and we can see what we can do.  

However, we are not equipped to have these fish in our tanks as our tanks are usually acidic in nature, and we only deal with freshwater fish.

If you require free standard shipping keep an eye out for our free shipping specials. Be aware many online fish shops simply charge shipping in each product so at the shopping cart, after several items you may find the bill more expensive than a simple payment of the additional shipping cost.

Where do pet fish outlets buy fish?

Live Fish pet shops typically purchase their fish from Australian wholesalers. The biggest issue for importing fish in Australia is all fish coming into the country must be quarantined to ensure they are not a biosecurity threat.

Our suppliers are spread throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, and we pick out the best fish we can find. We also get our fish directly from the farms in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, and we hand-pick our premium Discus and Bettas in this fashion.

When you wish to buy fish online from our shop you will discover that we have some of the best pet fish for sale there is to find in Australia. Despite receiving a large volume we are very picky with our fish selection, and are devoted to displaying and caring for the most premium fish in Sydney.

For instance here at Nano-tank Australia, we have a system for changing 50% of the water daily. As far as we know, this is by far the cleanest fish tank water in Australia.

How to pick healthy pet fish from a tropical fish store?

The best way to pick a healthy pet fish from a tropical fish store is to observe the fish in its tank. Most fish will come to you when you approach the tank or swim away from you when you get too close. However, you are looking for fish that are healthy and alert and respond well to its environment.

It would be best if you also observed the tank in general. An absence of dead fish usually is not the best indication as most shops will aggressively remove dead fish at the beginning of the day.

If you have doubts like if there are fish that have died in the tanks, then we will advise you accordingly. However, our general rule is this. Odd deaths here and there is a regular occurrence for a pet fish store, but abnormal behaviour set off our alarm bells.

We are very diligent here if the fish exhibit abnormal behaviors; this will cause us to immediately quarantine the tank and treat them according to the symptoms and behaviours presented.

What is a well priced, quality fish tank to buy?

We are proud to represent some big brands in the industry. However, we have discovered two of the best aquarium fish shop tanks – that are reliable and hassle-free.

These are the Aquael tanks and the Blue Planet tanks. In fact, a majority of our tanks are made of these two brands. If you are looking for a tank to buy, then consider coming in to discover what it is you need.  These tanks start from $39.95.

Also, we do custom tanks for those customers that want a personalised touch. We are specialised when it comes to Custom Tanks and we get your tank done to spec and aesthetically pleasing.

What did our first Tropical fish shop aquarium look like?

We have always had an interest in Nano Fish, and our first tropical fish tank was quite the experiment. Our first tank was a giant jar actually, from an old cookie glass container, and we filled it with community fish like neons, guppies, and swordtails.

As we grew older, we fell in love with Bettas and the many tail varieties the species consisted of, and that love is what started Nano Tanks Australia.

What do I do with my pet fish I don't want?

If you want to get rid of an unwanted pet fish, the first thing you should do is to give us a ring to see if we can accept it. Usually, we are happy to take it off your hand for some store credit.  However, your fish is quarantined and observed first before we can resell it.

Alternatively, you can sell it via Gumtree as well. What you shouldn’t be doing is dumping it in a waterway as it causes significant stress to the native Australian fish.

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