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Takashi Amano: Mastering Nature Style Aquascaping

Introduction to Takashi Amano and Nature Style Aquascaping

Let's talk about Takashi Amano, a legend in the world of aquascaping. Amano, from Japan, changed how we think about aquariums. He created the Nature Style, which is all about making tiny, beautiful natural scenes inside fish tanks.

Imagine a little forest or a small mountain range under water — that's what Nature Style is like. It's about capturing the beauty of nature in your home. Ready to learn more? Let's dive in and see how you can make your own Nature Style aquascape!


Philosophy Behind The Nature Style

Nature Style is all about making your aquarium look like a piece of the natural world. It's not just about looks, though. It's about feeling connected to nature.

This style comes from the idea of Wabi-sabi, a Japanese way of seeing beauty in things that are simple and a bit imperfect. In Nature Style, every rock, plant, and bit of wood tells a story, just like in nature. It's about making something that feels real, peaceful, and alive.


Image credit: Aqua Design Amano


Key Elements Of Nature Style Aquascaping

To create a Nature Style aquascape, you need plants, wood, and stones. Plants are the stars — they bring life and colour to your tank. Choose different types for variety. Then, add wood and stones to make it look natural. They're like the bones of your aquascape, giving it shape and structure. Remember, it's about creating a balance. Think about how things are arranged in nature — a bit random, but everything fits perfectly.

Here at Nano Tanks Australia, we have everything you need to start your aquascaping journey. Take a look at some of our favourites below!


Amazon Swords
Anubias On Driftwood
Smooth Lava Rock Pebbles


Design Principles In Nature Style Aquascaping

Creating a Nature Style aquascape is like painting a picture. You've got to think about where to put things. Use the rule of thirds and the golden ratio — these are tricks artists use to make their work look good. Your tank should have a focal point, a spot that catches the eye. But, don't make it too busy. Keep it simple and let each part of your aquascape shine. It's all about making a natural scene that feels just right.


Image credit: Aqua Design Amano


Setting Up Your Nature Style Aquarium

Ready to start? First, pick a tank. Then, get your substrate (the stuff at the bottom of the tank) and lay it out. Add your plants, wood, and stones. Remember, it's your little piece of nature, so put them where you think they look best. Once everything's in place, add water and your filtration system. Lastly, take care of your tank with regular cleaning and water changes. It's a bit of work, but seeing your own Nature Style aquascape come to life is worth it!

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Showcase of Takashi Amano’s Iconic Creations

Takashi Amano created some amazing aquascapes. They’re like underwater forests and mountains. He used his skills to make scenes that remind you of walking in the woods or standing by a river. Looking at his work, you can learn a lot about how to arrange plants, wood, and stones. His aquascapes are famous for a reason — they show just how beautiful and peaceful a Nature Style aquarium can be.


Image credit: Aqua Design Amano
Image credit: Aqua Design Amano
Image credit: Aqua Design Amano


Bringing A Piece Of Nature Into Your Home

That's it! Now you know about Nature Style aquascaping, thanks to Takashi Amano. It's a special way to make a little piece of nature in your own home. Remember, it's all about simplicity, balance, and capturing the beauty of the natural world. Give it a try and see how it transforms your space.

Need help aquascaping your tank? Our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way. From design ideas to setup, we’ll help make your dream a reality. Get in touch with us via Facebook Messenger or use the chat in the bottom right corner of our website.


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