Bettas are a rewarding fish that are exquisite and very pretty to watch. Combined with Aquascaping they are a wonderful addition to any room with their own unique set of personality.

However, buying a Betta Tank can be very expensive and time consuming.

It is our hope this definitive guide can can assist you in your Betta Keeping Journey.

The Perfect Home for your New Betta

The best tank for a Betta we advise is the Aquael Shrimp Set 10, 20 or 30 tank. These sets do come with a Plant Light, a Premium Heater, a premium Filter, a well fitted lid and a well fitted styrofoam underlay.

Check out the Shrimp Set 10

Check out the Shrimp Set 20

Check out the Shrimp Set 30


Let's be frank an aquascape tank is a far better experience for yourself and for your Betta, so we need to start with the Substrate. We believe that having the right substrate for your plants is paramount to your success in this new paradigm tank that you are creating for your new pet.

For this we do recommend the Oliver Knott Aquaearth Soil


After you are happy with your hardscape the next component to consider is the hardscape of the tank. If you understand the Golden Ratio or the Rule of thirds it will help you with your hardscape positioning. If you don't then check out google to understand what these terms mean.

Assuming that you have done that I would recommend you look for the following hard scapes

Seiryu Rocks


Black Lava

Smooth Lava

Quan Wood

Mopani Wood

The above is not a definitive list of hard scapes that you can use but it will be a good start.


After putting in the hardscape the next is the plants. I will put a link of the plants we prefer to use in our Betta Home. 

Check out our plant range here

The Main Betta

Bettas come in a variety of colours and tail types.

We mainly sell the following tail types

  • Halfmoons
  • Halfmoon Plakats
  • Halfmoon Elephant Ears
  • Halfmoon Plakat Elephant Ears
  • Rosetails
In rare times we also do stock the following
  • Crown tails
  • Deltas/ Super Deltas
  • Veil tails

We also sell Males and Females but we predominately sell the males.

Check out our range

Other Tank mates

A lot of questions usually arise in Betta Tanks. The old adage is true however, common sense has prevailed

The first thing is Shrimps are a NO GO. Shrimps will naturally become food for your Betta and it is not the best advise.

However, consider getting Neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras or even Rummy Nose Tetras if you like to see other movements in your tank. 

For the bottom of the tank consider getting Bristlenose or Otocinclus for Algae Control. If you also like some Catfish a humble Corydoras will also be a great addition to your tank.


When it comes to invertebrates RedBlack or Blue Ramshorn Snails and Gold, Blue or Purple Mystery Snails are also a great addition to your tank.

The Food

With the Betta you want in the tank, the tanks mates and the plants you want it's time to put your awareness to foods. Fish are unassuming creatures and simple in their needs. The foods below would be more then ideal for your Betta (and it's tank mates)


Hikari betta bio gold

Fluval Bug Bites for Betta

Live Black Worms

The Chemicals

With the tank done and established it is good to know what else is required. 

With water the biggest contribution to the success of your aquarium the purpose of the following products will need to be discussed.


Seachem Prime is one of the best Chlorine Neutralisers out there. Coupled with its ability to neutralise heavy metals and ammonia it is what we advise all our customers to use. Yes, you pay that little bit more however consider it as a premium product.

Seachem Stability on the other hand is a bottle of beneficial bacteria. Usually when you cycle a tank it will take 6 weeks for the tank to fully cycle. However with the addition of Seachem Stability it reduces that time to 2 weeks. It is one of the best products out there and we recommend it to all our customers.

API Betta Fix is similar to API Melafix but watered down for your Betta. One of the benefits of Betta Fix is that it provides a thin antibacterial lining for your betta to assist in its recovery from Ich, Columnaris and Oodinium. Betta Fix will not resolve any issues, however it is used as an antibacterial agent.

Other Equipment

One of the biggest issues with Bettas is that they really do like to have something to rest on. We encourage our customers to consider getting a Resting Leaf or plenty of Java Fern. This way it provides a spot for your Betta to rest.

Indian Almond Leaves has plenty of benefits for your betta. Not only does it provide shelter, but it also has a sense of home. It will turn your water brownish which is critical for the welfare of your betta. Most importantly it is also mildly antibacterial.