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Nano Tanks Australia prides itself from our transparent approach of new fish that comes to our shop. We do not sell fish that has just arrived from our suppliers as they would be highly stressed. Instead we perform the various treatment for all new fish and we do encourage you to do the same when you get our fish or any fish you get as well.

The first course of treatment is API Melafix. The reason why we use Melafix is when fish are caught they get netted and some of there slime coat gets rubbed with the net and if left untreated then it may cause infection. What Melafix does is that it is a form of antiseptic and therefore it protects the fish in their new tank.

The second course of treatment is Blue Planet Aquacycline. Aquacycline is a very old Antibiotics for humans and it is commonly called Tetracycline. Although Tetracycline is no longer used for humans as most of the bacteria that are succumbed to humans are resistant to it the use of Tetracycline is used for animals and fish as it is an effective antibacterial medication. Early Columnaris, Fin Rot, Velvet does get eliminated by Tetracycline. However, you would need to be careful with Tetracycline, it will turn your water Yellow, then Purple-Brown in colour. This is because it degrades to other compounds as it oxidises with the air and you should do a water change after 5 days.

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The third course of treatment is Blue Planet Paracide. Paracide is made of Trichlofon it is used for external parasites. So this will eliminate issues such as Gill Flukes, Skin Flukes, Fish Lice or any other parasites that is on the external body of your fish.

After 4 weeks

When fish are with us then we dose our tanks with Big L – Levamisole to deworm our fish. We use this as a very last resort or when we notice issues with our fish. We encourage that you use Levamisole sparingly. The reason for this is because Levamisole will cause discomfort to the worms within your fish’s gut and due to this discomfort it will try to move away from the Levamisole.

As it does the worm can:

Penetrate the Swim Bladder – which will cause swim bladder and buoyancy issues.

Penetrate the Heart – which will cause cardiac arrest killing the fish instantly

Penetrate the Brain – which will cause the fish to dart around the tank frantically and die within seconds

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