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Howdy! If you are visiting this page it means that you are interested in breeding fish by design or by accident. Or you have plants growing out of your ears and everywhere.

Irrespective of your circumstance you want to know if you can sell it back to our shop consider yourself lucky that you can do exactly that.

But before we get to the nitty gritty of things let me share a horror story.

A few years ago we got a customer that had extra guppies that he wanted to offload. At that time we were still learning how to keep guppies healthy in the store. Unfortunately we did not scrutinise the condition of the fish and we mixed it with our stock. Within a week we lost the entire batch.

Due to this error in judgement and in order for us to purchase* fish from you we would need to take the following precaution

  1. You must be known to us. If you are not known to us yet, let’s start the conversation via Facebook.
  2. Let me know what you have in abundance of. Whether it be Plants, Fish, Shrimps or anything that is aquarium related let us know.
  3. You determine that they are Sub Adults (You understand that Juvies won’t be taken as it cannot be easily sold)
  4. We will then determine a fair price. We pride ourselves for being transparent with our pricing and we use the following formulae as a rough guide (This does not apply to red cherry shrimps or guppies)

    Buy Price = (Retail Price / 4) * Quantity
    Let’s say you have Yellow Cherry Shrimps that is of reasonable quality. You have 20 in stock and they are sub adults. You observe by being in the shop or on the website that their retail value is $9ea.

    Buy Price = 9/4*20 = $45

*Purchasing means either store credit (preferred) or cash (via Bank Deposit)

Below is the example of the stock we get locally. We are always looking for stock and we are looking forward to start a conversation

Duckweed grown in our farm

Red Cherry Shrimps we grow locally


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