In the past few years we have been able to coach a lot of people both newbies and experienced fish keepers and aquascapers alike into this hobby. There is a lot of misinformation that is around and we wanted to set the record straight.

I am honoured to have worked with customers like one of my customer, Ali in the development of this FAQ. I hope that it will be a benefit to everyone as well and please if you have a question and need an answer to please message me through Facebook.

I just bought my fish and less than 24 hours they have already died. What did I do wrong?

Let's be frank, We don't sell fish that is unhealthy it is against our policy.

If a fish dies within 24 hours consider the following:

1. How long has your tank been running for? If it is only been running for an hour and you are using cold water to fill the tank and also not using Seachem Prime and Seachem Stability you are putting the fish in shock. Not only from the chlorine in the water but the sudden drop in temperature. This will mean a high degree in deaths or the chlorine can literally burn the gills of the fish.

2. Are you restocking your tank? If you have a brand new tank and you overstock it it's like asking your family, your parents, your siblings and cousins to live in the smallest room (bathroom) in the house. Without adequate food, ventilation or space the well being of yourself and your loved one will degrade badly. When you overstock a tank too quickly this is the type of scenario you are bringing in.

3. The third and crucial reason why fish will die is because of stress. Yes its sad to hear but moving fish is stressful for them and there might be stress related factors..just like humans that can kill them from no apparent reason.