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Aquascaping & Aquarium Supplies Room

Welcome to our cosy corner for all things aquascaping! If you're dreaming of a Pinterest-perfect aquarium, you've hit the jackpot. Here, we dive into the fascinating world of aquascaping styles and give you the lowdown on all the essentials you'll need – from rocks to wood, substrate, and more. Stick around as we explore different styles and share tips that'll help your underwater garden thrive. And hey, don't forget to check out our other posts for deep dives into each element, and our shop for all the supplies you'll need!

Takashi Amano Style

Nature Style

Embrace the serene beauty of the Nature Style, pioneered by the legendary Takashi Amano. This style is all about creating a slice of the natural world in your tank using Japanese gardening techniques. Think lush plants, intricate wood, and a harmonious layout that mimics a natural landscape. Perfect for those who love a piece of nature at home. Curious to recreate this style? Check out our range of natural-looking plants and wood!

Image credit: Aqua Design Amano
Image credit: petsworld.in
Image credit: Aqua Design Amano
Image credit: Aquarium Design Group
Image credit: Aquarium Libraries
Image credit: Alexander Maletin


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Iwagumi Aquascaping Style

Rock Style

Prefer the look of a rocky tank? The minimalist Rock Style of Iwagumi Aquascaping is just for you. It's all about the art of simplicity and balance using strategically placed rocks as the stars of your tank. Ideal for those who appreciate understated beauty. Want to give it a try? Explore our selection of striking rocks and stones to start your Iwagumi journey!


Image credit: Aqua Design Amano
Image credit: Aqua Design Amano
Image credit: Aqua Design Amano
Image credit: Aqua Design Amano


Image credit: The 2Hr Aquarist
Image credit: The 2Hr Aquarist


Looking for more inspiration? Check out our blog post to discover more about the Iwagumi style.

Dutch Style

Classic Style

If a leafy look is more your style, you’ll love the classic Dutch style of aquascaping. This approach is a colourful celebration of diverse plant life, creating a lush, densely planted underwater garden. Ideal for plant lovers and those who enjoy a burst of colour. Eager to create your own? Our collection of aquatic plants is a great place to start!


Image credit: Alen Hodzic
Image credit: The 2Hr Aquarist
Image credit: The 2Hr Aquarist


Ready to start your own Dutch styled aquarium? Read our deep dive into the classic Dutch style of aquascaping.

Aquascaping Geometry

Mimicking Nature

Aquascaping isn't just about throwing plants and rocks in water. It's an art! We're talking about crafting a natural scene that looks like it's straight out of a river or forest. The closer it looks to nature, the happier your fish and wet pets will be.

Focal Points

Every great aquascape has a star. It's all about creating a spot that draws your eye. This could be a stunning piece of wood or a striking plant. It's what makes your tank uniquely yours!

The Rule Of Thirds

Ever heard of the rule of thirds? It's a classic in photography and art, and guess what – it works wonders in aquascaping too. It's about dividing your tank into thirds to create a balanced, pleasing look.

The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio (or 1.618) is the secret sauce for a stunning aquascape. It's an ancient design principle that's all about creating harmony and proportion. When working out how to stagger your layers, measure the total height and then divide it by 1.618. Trust us, it'll make your tank look like a masterpiece!


Head over to our blog post to learn more about geometry in aquascaping.

Aquascaping Supplies


The right substrate is key for a healthy aquascape. It's not just the bed for your plants, but also a home for beneficial bacteria. We recommend a layer of substrate that is at least 2.5 to 5 cm deep. Our range has got you covered!



Oliver Knott Aquaearth Soil
Nisso Custom Soil
Aquael Basalt Gravel 2-4mm



Wood can be the hero of your tank, adding character and structure. Whether you're after a dramatic driftwood piece or something more subtle, we've got the perfect piece for your scape.



Koral (Coral) Wood
Quan Wood
Dragon Wood


Rocks & Stone

Rocks and stones are more than just decorations – they're the backbone of many styles. From smooth river pebbles to rugged mountain rocks, our collection will rock your world!


Seiryu Stone
Black Lava Rock





Plants are the lifeblood of any aquascape, adding colour and vitality. We've got a lush variety, from easy-care options for beginners to rare species for the pros.


Java Fern
Small Anubias
Amazon Swords



Shop our collection of aquatic plants.

Aquascaping Service

Is This Your First Aquascape?

New to aquascaping? No worries! Our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way. From design ideas to setup, we'll help make your aquascaping dream a reality. Get in touch with us via Facebook Messenger or use the chat in the bottom right corner of our website.

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