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The Guppy Palace

An Introduction

When I was around 4-5 years of age, my parents introduced me to the world of guppies while we were in Singapore. Who would have known that from a jam jar an entire world awaited me.

Guppies are one of the most easiest fish to keep and breed and when you do get good quality stock a pair of guppies can give you back thousands in a few short months.

When you want to do guppies properly it’s better to understand what they need. Granted the guppies in Australia is very limited however we believe that with a little luck your guppies will thrive.

What do Guppies need?

Guppies need clean water and they need temperatures between 22 to 26C. Granted they can live in colder and warmer waters however the idea temperatures is between the 22 to 26C mark.

They also need a high salt content. To get the best result we recommend that you add salt into their water. For this we recommend the API Aquarium Salt.

Guppies also need pH that is greater than 7.0 and they need little to no Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. If you are concerned then we recommend that you use the JBL Proscan Test Kit.

Guppies will get stressed when caught and transported and with that we advise you invest in API Melafix to make sure that they transition well to there new tanks.

Lastly, they need space! If you are looking to breed guppies to any capacity then you need space! We recommend that your tank is as small as 16 Litres and as Large as 4ft. At this point I would also recommend you to consider the Aquael Shrimp Set 30.

What Plants can I add?

Guppies and Plants go well together. In fact when you put plants into the tank with guppies you will find that they will do better!

When you choose plants consider choosing plants like Java Moss, Wisteria, Gold Pennywort, Green Pennywort or Java Fern.

They can go with other types of plants like Marimo Moss and Carperting Plants but they prefer something near the surface. We find the use of Riccia Flutans very effective for the babies to hide in.

Tank Mates

A lot of questions we get asked is what can we keep with Guppies? Our answer is that you can keep anything with Guppies as long as it is not too big so it becomes food or its too small that it will eat everything.

As a rule of thumb, Bettas, Danios, Tetras and Shrimps are great with Guppies

Killifish, Barbs and Apistos are bad with Guppies as they love eating there tails.

Guppy Body Types and Varieties

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