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Assorted Veiltail Betta

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Veiltail Betta first record was in 1927 shipment to Frank Loche and Hugh Smith in San Francisco. In October 1927 Hermann Meinken described Veiltail Betta in an article he wrote for ‘Aquatic Life’ in Germany.

Appearance of Betta

Veiltail shows a high degree of elongation in all three unpaired fins (dorsal, anal and caudal) and also in the ventral fins. The effect can been seen in both the males and female version of this fish. The term veiltail is used as the caudal fin looks like a bridal veil and due to this the name remains to this day.

Due to the popularity of the species the Asian breeders discovered that there are economic prospects and started propagating these veiltail bettas with many different colours and patterns.

In the 1950s Warren Young made a significant contribution to the betta world through his use of selective breeding by introducing a particularly large strain of veiltail with even longer fins. He named his creation the ‘Libby betta’ after his wife. For decades the show bettas available were veiltails.

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Veiltail Bettas in Australia

Veiltail Bettas has been very popular in Australia. In the 1980s when Veiltails were predominant in Australia the colours at that time that were available were only Blue and Reds. However, as time went on Veiltails come in decline to the more beautiful cousins, the delta tails, crowntails and even the Halfmoon Bettas

Historically in Nano Tanks Australia we did not carry Veiltail Betta because it is such a common fish. We determined that our customers are more specialised and more niche and wanted the more nicer varieties. However even to this day we don’t really stock Veiltails in the shop.

However, in recent years there is a worldwide decline in the demand on the veiltail and due to this less and less veiltails are being bred. Sadly if the demand keeps on dropping supply will drop and perhaps one day veiltails will be rare to find.

Availability of Veiltail Betta

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