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Two Little Fishes FlorAffix 3 x 3g

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Two Little Fishies FlorAffix sticks. It has a variety of uses with the glue from fixing plants on driftwood and rock to just a quick repare or holding in place rocks and wood and best of all it is totally safe when using it with fish and shrimp.

Packet contains – 3 x 3g tubes

Yeah, we know you like to have the most gorgeous planted tank, the envy of all the aquatic gardeners on the internet.

That’s why we made FlorAffix, to make your creative task a snap.

No more using black thread to attach plants on driftwood or stones, nope.

Those days are done. Just use FlorAffix to glue them in place.

Java moss? Chop it up, put a spot of FlorAffix on the wood where you want it, and press it in.

For Microsorum, Bolbitis, Hygrophila pinnatifida, Anubias, and Bucephalandra, put some FlorAffix on the root or rhizome, press in place. Presto.

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