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Assorted Tissue Culture Plants

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The origins of this Echinodorus are very much in the dark – it may be native to Amazonia, though. Like E. grisebachii ‘Amazonicus’ and E. g. ‘Parviflorus’ it belongs to the group of plants related to Echinodorus grisebachii, which is widely distributed in tropical America. E. g. ‘Bleherae’ was long erroneously known under the trade name Echinodorus paniculatus (and sometimes still is). The true E. paniculatus is a totally different plant not found in the hobby very often.
The different forms of the E. grisebachii group grow amphibic in their specific locations, growing submersed for a long time of the year. They only grow emersed leaves and flower stalks after falling dry during the low-water season. In the aquarium, they also remain below the waterline and only transform into the land form after being taken out of the water.

E. grisebachii ‘Bleherae’, commonly known as E. (read more)

Common names Broadleaved Amazon Swordplant
Synonyms Echinodorus bleherae Rataj, Echinodorus bleheri Rataj
Misapplied names Echinodorus paniculatus
Trader names Echinodorus rangeri
Complete botanical name Echinódorus grisebáchii Small
Family Alismataceae
Genus Echinodorus
Difficulty easy
Usage Background
Growth fast
Temperature tolerance 18 – 30°C
General hardness 0 – 30°dGH
Propagation Proliferating inflorescences, Rhizomteilung
Can grow emersed? yes
Source Flowgrow

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