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Taiwan Moss

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Taiwan moss (Taxiphyllum Alternans)

Taiwan Moss is an aquatic plant that may grow to be 5 cm thick and is bright green. The plant very closely resembles weeping moss and uses the same root system. This moss does not need to be fully submerged to survive. Moss eats nitrates, ammonia and helps reduce algae growth.

Our Coral Moss comes fresh in a small sealed 1.5g plastic package as pictured.

Caring for your Taiwan Moss

Taiwan is naturally a freshwater plant used to subtropical climates and will grow well in aquarium temperatures approaching 30 degrees Celcius and with a PH slightly on the Acidic range, although can grow fine in neutral PH tanks. 5.0 to 8.0 is the PH range of this Moss.

It grows well under good light and on exposed tree roots and rotting wood in the wild, so having some wood in your tank is the perfect addition for moss to grow, although it will also grow on rocks and most substrate.

Quick Taiwan Moss Facts

It is very similar to weeping and Java Moss

It is easy to maintain

Comes from south east/ eastern Asia.

With mesh can make a great moss wall

Image from http://theaquaticplantsociety.org/taxiphyllum-alternans-taiwan-moss/

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