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Subwassertang (50 cents size)

$10.00 ea.

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Is it Out of Stock? Add it to your Wishlist

Subwassertang is an exceptional low light aquarium plant that is prominent in shrimp tanks. This attractive plant is known by the common names Süsswassertang, Loma fern, Round Pellia, and False Round Pellia.

Subwassertang is fairly hardy regardless of its small size and delicate appearance, its growth is slow but these changes as soon as it acclimatizes to the new environment.

Interesting fact: It is closely related to the species Lomariopsis lineata according to DNA analysis. However, Subwassertang has not been named as a distinct species yet and it cannot be expressly regarded as Lomariopsis lineata either. Basically, this plant does not even have a scientific name.


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