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Stringy Moss

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Stringy Moss Leptodictyum riparium

The Stringy Moss is an undemanding plant, just like the normal Java Moss.  It does grow slowly, however. The most interesting part about this moss is that it grows directly upwards in a very stringy manner.

Our Stringy Moss comes fresh in a small sealed 1.5g plastic package as pictured.

Note if you take some of the stems which are unbranched and tie them horizontally on driftwood, after some time these stems will start new strings growing upwards. And because the stems and leaves are so fine, it will create an interesting thin stringy moss ‘wall’.

Quite different in look from Christmas MossTaiwan Moss, etc.

Image from http://www.nanofish.com.ua/moh-string-na-lave—stringy-moss.html

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