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Sparkling Gourami Trichopsis Pumila

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Sparkling Gourami: A Sparkling Dwarf Fish for your Freshwater Aquarium


The Sparkling Gourami (Trichopsis Pumila) is one of the most sought-after species in aquariums. Unlike other gouramis that can grow to a length of 30 cm, this nano gourami typically only grows up to 4cm long. It comes under various names such as Pygmy Gourami, Dwarf Croaking Gourami, Green Croaking Gouriem, and Purring Goumi – its scientific name Pumila means small or dwarfish!


Water Parameters


pH range: 6.0 – 7.0

DH range: 5 – 19

Temperature range: 25 – 28°C 


Sparkling Gourami Habitat


The small, tropical freshwater fish species dwell in Southeast Asia and thrives in thickly planted, warm water.

The fish feeds on various small insects that fall onto the surface of water or inhabit it. A typical biotope for these creatures is a shallow forest pond with a slow flow; lentic waters are also well-suited to their survival and reproduction. 




The sparkling Gourami is a most beautiful fish with colors and patterns that are eye-catching and vibrant, especially in a heavily planted tank.

Their bodies are long, thin, and streamlined. The thickest point on their body is right where the ventral fins are located; after this, it tapers down to a caudal peduncle.

Aside from being easy to care for because of how sturdy they are against disease or infection (they have a robust immune system), another thing that makes them such an excellent choice in aquariums is just how stunningly attractive they look when swimming around your tank. They’re like little sparkling bullets darting back and forth through water!


Gender differences: male vs. female


Females are easy to identify because they have a rounded belly often filled with eggs. This common trait is shared by the Sparkling Gourami and Cinnamon Dwarf Gourami. However, the best way to tell between genders is by looking at their fins: males are longer than females.




The wild Sparkling Gourami are usually happy eaters in captivity, and they have a varied diet from live to frozen food. They typically enjoy tropical flakes with algae flakes foods, Tubifex worms, brine shrimp, or snails.


Breeding Sparkling Gourami


The male Gourami builds a bubble nest on the surface of the water. Then, he’ll allow his female partner to come close enough so that they can embrace one another and release their eggs as fertilized embryos into the cluster, for him then to guard over until those fry hatch in around 24-48 hours.

The fry remains in the nest until their yolk sac is used up, and once this happens, they become free-swimming. Other fish will eat the fry. That’s why it’s best to breed them in their own aquarium. 


Sparkling Gourami Tank Mates


Sparkling Gouramis are one of the smallest species in their family, and they should be kept with fish with a similar size. It’s not recommended to keep them with very active or aggressive tank mates.

They may be susceptible to nipping from other more dominant fish who see their fins as food!

Male Bettas are not the best neighbors either. Because of their similar appearance and penchant for fighting, they often get confused and will attack Gouramis.

It is best to keep Sparkling Gouramis together or with small non-conflicting fish. For example, you might consider Dwarf and Pearl Gouramis, Rasboras, or Neon Rainbowfish. These other breeds of tank mates are very compatible because they’re usually smaller in size than the Sparkling Gourami.

Some suitable species for this type of environment would be Corydoras catfishes with a lower aggression level but still help clean up food debris from bottom dwellers like Otos.


In Conclusion


The Sparkling Gourami is a true beauty and a novel nano showcase for the small aquarium enthusiast.

The Sparkling Gourami is a fish that has won me over with its undeniable charm. I love how inexpensive they were when I bought mine years ago because not only do they brighten up the tank, my wallet didn’t hurt too much either (wink).

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