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ORCA Large Sponge Filter XY380

$15.00 ea.

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The aquarium sponge filter is a simple filter that keeps your aquarium clean. The filter provides mechanical and biological filtration for easy aquarium maintenance. As a mechanical filtration, it uses the air driven system to create suction, that allows the sponge to capture floating particles in the water and return filtered water to the tank. As a biological filtration, harmful wastes are biologically transforrmed into a relatively harmless substance by aerobic bacteria that accumulates in the sponge.

Features and Benefits

  • Supplying with water with much needed oxygen
  • It reduces noise from the air pump and consumes less power due to low wattage.
  • Fits into external or top filter as pre-filteration unit
  • Easy maintenance is made by nodular design of foam cartridge system.
  • Various types of installation are possible.

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Weight.4 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 15 cm
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