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Neon Tetra 3cm

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Neon Tetra as an aquarium fish

Neon Tetra Paracheirodon innesi is one of the most popular aquarium fish around. It is a freshwater species that is in the the the characin family (family Characidae) of order Characiformes. Neon-Tetras are omnivorous and are easily fed with pellets, flake foods, frozen foods or even small live food (such as mosquito larvae or brine shrimp)

These fish are red and blue in colour. The Blue Line is prominently blue and the red stripe goes halfway. This is different from Cardinal Tetras where the Red goes all the way. There caudal fin appears clear however on closer inspection there will be a hint of blue and red.

As with all Tetras, they have an adipose fin which is hard to see being such a small fish.

Where do Neon Tetras come from?

Coming from the Amazon rainforest in South America. They come from blackwater to clearwater in the drainage area. They are come from South East of Columbia, East of Peru and West of Brazil.

What water conditions do Neon Tetras live in?

Living in the following water conditions: These tetras come in temperatures between 20 and 28 °C (68–82 °F) and a pH of 4-7.5. They prefer a acidic blackwater stream but also occur in clear streams.

In the aquarium they are resilient and can tolerate water a wide range of conditions.

How big do Neon Tetras get?

Neon Tetras get to around 4cm or larger. In our shop we have had these tetras get quite big as we keep them in groups of 6 or more.

Giving them enough varied foods and enough space will get them big within 6 months

Can black neon tetras live with neon tetras?

Black Neon Tetras can live with Neon Tetras as they are the same size. However, we would not recommend that you keep with bigger Tetras or Blind Cave Tetras due to their aggression.

We also do not recommend living with more aggressive fish like Barbs or Angelfish. Being such a small and resilient fish these tetras are the best for beginners and also for community tanks.

Can you put a neon tetra with a betta?

Neon Tetra are suitable companions to bettas, they are great in small groups of 6 or more and they provide adequate movement to a tank.

Do neon tetras die easily?

Yes and no. Healthy fish do not die easily and they are resilient. However, due to the transportation process and due to the stresses that come with Neon Tetras they can get succumbed to bacterial infections very quickly. They usually get columnaris as a disease which is a fast actioned disease that can wipe out an entire colony of fish in a matter of days. We recommend you use Melafix to combat this.

Another reason why these tetras die easily is due to fin rot. Fin rot is usually due to a bacterial or fungal infection. The best way to treat these are with copper sulphate or tetracycline (antibiotics)

If you are still getting deaths then we suggest you use medication. Please contact us in order for you to treat your fish.

Do neon tetras need a light?

Neon tetras do need light to survive. However in an aquarium setting having an aquarium light will allow its colours to really pop out. If you do use a light we recommend you have a light that is enhanced with some red this will make the colours of your fish pop out.

Do neon tetra fish need air pump?

Neon Tetra fish do need an air pump to keep the water circulating around the tank. If you do not provide an air pump you will discover that the fish will stay at the top due to oxygen deprivation. When this happens the immune system will be compromised and this will result in disease and stress.

If you are going to use an air pump, consider getting a sponge filter instead. It will keep your water parameters in check and it will keep it stable.

Do neon tetras lay eggs?

Neon Tetras do lay eggs, however before considering on breeding Neon Tetras other than for leisure,  their eggs and fry are highly photosensitive and will die quickly if exposed to light.

When you are looking to breed neon tetras, They are usually bred in a small breeding tank. Usually the tank is less than 8L to 10L. A pair is normally used to breed Neon Tetra and it usually yields 50 viable eggs. In a small scale breeding farm around 200 pairs are used per breeding session.


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