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Moonlight Gourami Trichogaster microlepis

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Trichogaster microlepis (Günther, 1861
COMMON NAME: Moonbeam gourami
SYNONYMS: Osphronemus microlepis Günther, 1861: Trichopus microlepis Sauvage, 1881; Trichopodus microlepis
SIZE: To 6 in. (15 cm)
FIN RAY COUNT: D, III-IV/7-10; A, X-XI/34-40
DISTRIBUTION: Thailand and Cambodia. First brought to the Western aquarium trade in 1951
DESCRIPTION: The basic color is a satiny monochromatic silver, which in top or front lighting has an iridescent blue shimmer. In adults the sex differences are not as distinct as they are in the other Trichogaster
species, but they are nonetheless distinguishable. The threadlike pelvic fins vary from orange to red in the male and are yellowish in the female. Also, the dorsal
fin of the male is longer and slightly more pointed than that of the female. Mature females are usually more robust than males

MAINTENANCE AND BREEDING: The moonbeam gourami differs from the other Trichogaster species in how the male builds his nest. If there are enough plants available, especially floating plants, such as water sprite (Ceratopterus thalicroides), the male gathers and assembles large mats of this material. He may also tear off and use pieces from rooted plants. Mucus encapsulated bubbles are used to hold the mat together. If suitable plants are not available, the male builds a normal bubblenest. I have never observed them not to use plants, if they were available. Nests consisting of large piles of rapidly decomposing plants provide an excellent  reproductive and growth medium for various kinds of microorganisms, which serve as a choice first food for the tiny fry during their first few days of life. In large heavily-planted aquariums these fish can build a nest as large as 12 in. (30 cm) in diameter with a
center height of up to 6 in. (15 cm)

Labyrinth Fish Pinter (1984) p85

Picture by http://www.aquarium-fish.info/images/Trichogaster/microlepis

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