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Malaysian Driftwood (Medium)

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The Malaysian Driftwood is a staple in the Aquarium industry for many years. They come in great shapes and sizes and they are great for those looking for something that is easy to use.

It provides a simple and natural look to any freshwater aquariums. Creating an ideal environment for any tank.

The uniqueness of each shape is absolutely stunning and when you come to the shop or get it shipped out be assured that you will get some very nice unique pieces.

What is Malaysian driftwood?

Malaysian Driftwood is naturally grown in Malaysia. The most widely popular wood comes from the tree Diospyros Ebonasea. These types of trees are naturally a perennial plant. Ebonasea is part of the genus Diospyros which is a group of dark woods also typically referred to as Ebony.

Where is Malaysian driftwood from?

Naturally occurring in Malaysia

How do you get Driftwood to sink?

This type of driftwood is also naturally denser then water and will sink. However, there are times that the wood is lighter then water and will float. However giving it a few weeks it will get water logged and will sink.

Is Malaysian Driftwood safe for aquarium?

Malaysian Driftwood is completely safe for the aquarium. However, like anything else it is advisable that you rinse the wood before putting it into the aquarium.

How long do you soak Malaysian driftwood?

Naturally you do not need to soak Malaysian Driftwood as it will sink.

Does Malaysian driftwood lower pH?

Malaysian Driftwood will lower pH.

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