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Live Black Worms

$10.00$160.00 ea.

Live Blackworms are harvested fresh in Victoria

We always have these worms in stock (however it will depend on the demand)

When we send these they need to be kept cold with ice.

Please note that we only will send this via Toll Priority (Overnight) Service which is $30

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Live Black worms are harvested fresh in Victoria

These worms have a high protein 46% to fat 20% ratio and an ideal food for breeding fish or the increase mass on young.

However please make sure that you feed your fish sparingly of Live Black worms as fish can get constipated and this will cause dropsy or bloat on the fish.

We strive in maintaining a healthy stock at all times and we will make every effort to provide the necessary advise to make sure they are kept alive in optimum condition.

If you are looking to keep this long term then please let us know so we can advise you accordingly

What do you mean by 30mL or 1L? Does that include water?

When we write 30mL or 1L that is the volume of worms you get. We send our worms with as little water in the bag as possible. The reason why we don’t send it with water is because the water gets dirty very quickly with Ammonia.

Where do black worms live?

These are harvested from clean water that get’s it’s water from the Victorian Alps
Vineyards and other crop thirsty plants also are grown in the area.

How do you keep black-worms alive?

Black worms needs fast moving water to keep them alive. We recommend that you use a sponge filter for smaller amounts. Larger amounts would require you to use a sump filter.

Can you breed black-worms?

Black worms can breed readily in an aquarium setting. They breed in two ways.

The first is asexual where they rub off hard surfaces and ‘break off.’ When they do, the head will grow a tail and the tail a head. The other way they breed is via eggs. However, we have discovered that egg produced by black worms is quite minimal.

It should be considered that if you wish to produce live black worms economically you do need a readily available of water and a high protein food. But ultimately growing black worms in uneconomical for a home hobbyist and we encourage you to consider (to save time) to get it from Nano Tanks.

Are black-worms harmful to humans?

Black worms are not harmful to humans if you touch them. However if you suffer from dermatitis or other skin conditions it is known that black worms will cause a reaction to your skin. To avoid such contact we advise that you use gloves for this very purpose.

Naturally there are bacteria and other worms, leaf leaches and etc that comes with the worms. These are grown naturally with the worms and should not harm humans. As a rule however, it is advisable that you do wash your hands thoroughly with a properly antibacterial agent.

How do you send your black-worms?

When we send these worms, they need to be kept cold with ice. Please be aware of your ambient temperature and that the heat will kill them.

We only will send this via Toll Priority (Overnight) Service please make sure you select the Live Fish Shipping option



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