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Hygrophila Difformis Water Wisteria Loose or Pots

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It can be kept as a mid-ground or background plant in tanks of a minimum 10 gallons.

The water should be soft to moderately hard and pH should be 6.5-7.5, but it has been noticed this plant will thrive in any conditions, though fertilizers should still be added.

The water wisteria does best in water temperatures of 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Planting your Water Wisteria
The best substrate for this plant is a specialty plant substrate very rich in nutrients. It can still grow in small grain gravel or sand substrate, as long as you keep fertilizing it with fertilizing tabs, but be careful to anchor the wisteria if you plant it in sand until the roots are well established in the substrate to avoid accidental uprooting.

The water wisteria makes a good mid- to background aquarium plant, but can also be grown as a carpet. For this, you have to plant it on its side and make sure the roots are developed along the stem.

This way, leaves will only grow on one side and extend along the substrate to create a carpet effect.

For a more striking effect, plant it between rocks or pieces of wood or next to other contrasting plants.

Care for your Water Wisteria
The water wisteria is very easy to care for, as it thrives in many conditions even without CO2 supplementation. For the best look and sturdy leaves, make sure you provide a nutrient rich substrate or at least constant fertilizing with tabs.

Fertilizing is very important, as the plant needs nitrate, phosphate, and, most importantly, iron to have a healthy development. Iron deficiency can easily be noticed if the leaves turn pale and yellowish.

Remove any dead or brown sections to prevent infections from spreading throughout the plant; this also allows it to use its energy and nutrients only for the healthy leaves and stems.

Occasional trimming may be needed to make sure light and nutrients reach all the stems and roots. You can always replant the stems you trimmed if you want lush vegetation.

It will grow well under moderate light, but strong light will help accelerate the wisteria’s growth rate and maintain the most intense colors.

Propagation is conducted through stem or leaf cutting near the base of the mother plant.

Plant cuttings will soon grow their own roots and develop into a new plant; if you keep cutting and replanting, newly developed shoots from each plant will form a bushy effect and you can even leave the plant to propagate by its own shoots to allow it to cover a larger surface.

Reference: https://www.theaquariumguide.com/articles/water-wisteria-guide
Image: https://images.app.goo.gl/PeWXMJhdYdDJ5NgN7

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