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HIKARI JAPAN Corydoras Frozen Food Freeze Dried Food Magnetic Feeder

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I first saw this product going through Instagram and I caught glimpses of this product in our Japanese hobbyist. I was instantly hooked as it looked so cool and it serves a nice function to those who loves there corys.

So the quest started many months ago and when I found a supplier I had to get some in and introduce it to the Australian market.

Upon using it I noticed that the plastic that was used is good quality and the entire enclosure is made out of a flexible plastic that allows the Corydoras to get there barbels into the mesh without getting hurt.

The magnets used is quite strong as well however it should only be limited to around 8mm glass thickness. If you do want to use it to a more thicker glass you simply need to use a stronger external magnet like a neodymium magnet to do the job.

Initially the Corys was quite hesitate by this contraption in the tank. However, given time and the irresistible urge to eat up all the food that it contains they learned that it is a great source of food.

I highly recommend this product for those that identify themselves as a Corydoras or Bottom Dwelling Hobbyist. It looks gimmicky but the functionality of this product is unbelievable.

Let us know what you think…

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