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Glowlight Tetra 3cm

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Glowlight Tetra (aka Glow Tetra Fish) Hemigrammus erythrozonus are a small freshwater Tetra that grows to around 4-5cm.

They work best in groups of six or more and are great addition to any tank. They look larger than Neon and Cardinal Tetras and there yellow/orange streak in a brown body is a standout in any tank.

What are Glowlight Tetra’s water conditions?

Glowlight Tetras have the following water conditions, they like to live with a pH of around 6-7.5 and water temperature of 22-28°C they work well with a lot of fish species.

What foods do Glowlight Tetras eat?

Glowlight Tetras are omnivorous by nature and accept any and all fish foods

Are glowlight Tetras Hardy?

Glowlight Tetras are naturally a hardy species. However they do get succumbed to Columnaris and other aquarium fish disease. Make sure that you provide good water quality and you should be ok. If you do have an outbreak of these diseases please make sure you contact us so we can assist (even if you have not purchased from us we are happy to help)

Are glowlight Tetras aggressive?

Glowlight Tetras are naturally not aggressive. However when you put them in a group setting they might be aggressive to fish that have long fins.

How many glowlight Tetras should I get?

If you are looking to get glowlight tetras, we recommend that you should get around 6 minimum. There are no upper limits that you can get.

Do glowlight tetras lay eggs?

When Glowlight Tetras breed, they are known as egg scatterers and they scatter there eggs through plants or other debris in there environment.

How often should I feed my glowlight Tetras?

We recommend that you feed your glowlight tetras once a day. If you do like to feed more you can, but make sure that you change there water to make sure the water is kept clean.

How long do glowlight tetras live?

Given optimum living conditions, Glowlight Tetras live for around 4-5 years.

What are our thoughts on Glowlight Tetras?

We love Glowlight Tetras. They are an easy fish to get and they brighten the tank. It is worth a look.

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