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Giant Danios

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Giant Danios fit for a giant aquarium

The Giant Dianos (family cyprinidae) is a schooling freshwater fish and grows very large as adults (10cm or so).  A school of these together is quite a sight! They are a very active fish and require a good deal of swimming room.

Be wary of introducing to community tanks with groups consisting of nano fish as they will swallow fish that can fit in their quite large mouths.


These will be available from late July 2020.

What is their natural Habitat?

Danios are native to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand & Sri Lanka. They live in rivers and streams so a planted fish tank that mimics these conditions is desirable.


They Giant Danios scatters about 300 eggs around the tank. The eggs spawn successfully in clumps of plants and with food such as brine shrimp to eat.

Living Conditions

They are an easy fish to care for and work well in a mid-sized tank (at least 100 litres). And only this sized tank if it is very long otherwise the tank must be larger. They work well in groups of 6 or more. Do not put these with small fish they can swallow.

The Giant Danios is a tropical fish and do better in warmer temperatures although 22-27C is regarded as an ideal range. If the Danios is not eating try live foods or turning the temperature up in the tank.

These are hardy fish and the tank PH can be 6.0 to 8.0 so some variability around a neutral PH is fine. Some water hardness is ideal although realistically much less than tap water. So it is ideal so add a carefully measured 3/4 normal dosage of prime with water changes.

These fish enjoy flowing streams so the current in the tank from the filter can be set to high speed.

How many years do they live?

Giant Danios is a very long-lived fish, living between 5-7 years. They are longer-lived than most of the danio species so are excellent fish for the dedicated fish keeper. Please ensure your fish tank is covered however they do tend to jump out of the tank!

How big do they grow?

They grow to a maximum size of 15cm in the wild however only generally 10cm in the aquarium.

How do you sell them?

We sell them singly but we recommend at least in groups of 3 (To make sure that they have the best chance to survive being a schooling fish.)


Image from https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/576390452286011436/

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