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Fluval Pressurised CO2 kit – 88g

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The Fluval Pressurized CO2 kit (88g) is ideal for planted aquariums. Simple to install and use, it is the optimal system for providing the necessary carbon source to maintain lush, vigorous and vibrant aquarium plants. Recommended for tanks up to 57-151L (15-40 US Gal).

Why CO2?

All planted aquariums lack CO2 unless they are supplemented with it. In fact, 40 to 50% of a plant’s dry weight is composed of carbon, for optimal condition of aquarium plants some CO2 supplementation is necessary. The Fluval pressurized CO2 kit will ensure that the most important nutrient is available to plants to maintain vigorous, lush and vibrant growth and condition.

Included items

The kit includes:

  • Regulator valve, for effective control of CO2 output
  • Bubble counter, for clear and safe monitoring of CO2 dosing
  • CO2 cartridge – an 88g disposable cartridge
  • Bracket, to secure the CO2 cartridge to the side of the acquarium
  • CO2 Diffuser, which effectively dissolves CO2 into aquarium water
  • Hose, to connect the bubble counter to the CO2 diffuser and regulator
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