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Drip acclimation shrimp system (variation of design)

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Whys is Drip Acclimating shrimp before placing them in their new tank important?

When adding new shrimp into your established already existing tank it is important to take the proper steps in introducing and acclimating them into their new home. The whole process is extremely stressful to the shrimp   The Drip acclimation system helps with this by getting your shrimp used to your aquarium water.

Drip acclimation can help reduce shock, as shock will affect shrimps and can lead to a shorter life expectancy, can cause death, causes stress, and chances of not eating. So acclimate shrimps by the drip method is essential to giving your shrimps a chance to survive in their new environment.

Also, any water changes into the future a drip system will assist, allowing a soft and gradual water change and not shocking the environment as especially Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) & PH must be kept within the correct water parameters and a sudden water change may disturb these parameters..

Plan and prepare acclimation:

Temperature Check

When first arriving home check the temp in the bag vs the temperature in your tank. If it is not the same, float the shrimp in a bowl or something that won’t let water in. If using a regular bag from the fish store you can float that.

Drip Acclimation Importance

Once the temperature is close to the same then proceed to acclimating the shrimp. Acclimating shrimp should always be done with the drip method.

The drip method can be done very simply with airline tubing, a control nozzle, bucket/bowl, and a shrimp net. There are also products you can buy out there that are designed to do the drip method. I would stick with the basic airline tubing one we stated above.

How To Drip Acclimate

Empty your shrimp from their bag or bowl into the bucket, include the water from the bag. Now connect the control nozzle to one end of the tubing and place that end in your bucket and the other into your tank. Start a siphon by sucking on one end of the tubing (Make sure the control nozzle is fully open, otherwise your risk looking stupid and your shrimp may laugh at you). Watch the tubing as it fills with water, try not to get any in your mouth and use your finger to cap the end of the tubing. Now lower the tubing into your bucket where the shrimp are and let go. Take a moment to make sure the siphon is working then adjust the nozzle to the desired flow, which I recommend to be 2-3 drops of water every second.

You want to 4x the amount of water in the bucket. So 1/4 is your bag water from the LFS (Local Fish Store) and 3/4 is new water from your tank. The key after you have done the following steps is to now wait… The dreaded moment of nothingness…

It should take roughly 1.5-2.5 hours for the shrimp to be ready. The drip method helps to allow the shrimp to adjust to the pH and other water parameters in your tank. This prevents them from being shocked to sudden changes and thus reducing stress… This reducing stress thing must be important, we have highlighted on it several times!

After You Drip Acclimate

Now that your drip method is complete you should now net the shrimp into the aquarium. Leaving your tank light off for the first 24 hours (the lighting will add unneeded stress), also as much as you want to feed these little guys… don’t, they will be fine for the first 24 hours, lastly NEVER PUT STORE WATER INTO YOUR TANK! Putting store water in your tank can potentially allow all sorts of unwanted parasites, bacteria, and fungus into your tank and this is not good!!


Infro from https://www.theshrimpfarm.com/posts/acclimating-shrimp/

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