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Corydoras Ellisae 3-4cm

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First Described: Cosline 1940

Shape of head: elongated, extended snout

Basic Body Colour: Light Grey Brown

Caudal Fin: The caudal fin rays are finely banded brown and white forming eight to ten transverse rows which, however are not particularly vivid

Other Fins: adipose fin spine has a brown coloration

Discovered in Paraguy in the tributaries of the Rio Paraguai, near Assuncao, Parraguari and Sapucai

Appearance: Three ill defined patches of grey blue coloration. The largest is present below the spine and first rays of the dorsal fin. The second, and slightly smaller one is positioned below the adipose fin, and the third and smallest patch is at the base of the caudal fin.

Snout region, as well as the belly region exhibits and distinct darker coloration.

Coyrdoras Stencephalus is similar in appearence but it has a more ridged back and only two patches instead of 3.

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