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Congo Tetra (Phenacogrammus interruptus)

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Family: Alestidae

Wild populations are endemic to parts of the River Congo drainage in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Most of the fish available in the trade are bred commercially in the Far East and Eastern Europe.

Maximum Standard Length:
Male 8cm. Female 6cm.


The Congo Tetra (Phenacogrammus interruptus) is a very pretty fish that comes from the tributaries of the Congo River in Zaire.

Preferring slightly acidic waters and murky waters they get to around 8 cm if given the time and the space to grow. They are very easy to keep and the males does grow these extraordinary long streamers that makes them absolutely divine in the tank.

They prefer a temperature of around 26 to 30C and they prefer a pH of around 6.5 to 7.0.

We have had Congo Tetras in our store for quite a long time and they have enjoyed being such a delightful staple within Nano Tanks Australia and OzDiscus. In fact they are so pretty that we put them in our display tanks.

When you are looking for something that will go with Discus or Angelfish give Congo Tetras a go. They keep to themselves, they are easy to feed and easy to keep.

Check out the Adult Congo Tetras that enjoys our tank.

How to breed Congo Tetras

Congo Tetras are egg scatterers. The best way to breed these is by breeding them in a group. For the average hobbyist however, Congo Tetras when they are old enough will naturally breed without much interference.

How big do Congo Tetras get

Congo Tetra Males get to around 12cm with Streamers on it’s dorsal and Anal Fins, The Females get around 8cm and they won’t have the streamers.

Are Congo Tetras aggressive

Congo Tetras are not aggressive but they should be kept in a school of greater than 6. The bigger the tank the better they will be.

Are Congo Tetras fin nippers

Congo Tetras are not fin nippers, however, they will eat whatever can fit into their mouths. They are the ideal companions for Discus and Angelfish and they won’t touch any of these fish.

Do Congo Tetra eat smaller fish

They don’t necessarily eat smaller fish. We have put guppies and other types of fish with Congo Tetras and they completely ignore them. However, if they do find something that is way too small and it’s not as healthy they will eat any fish or any bigger fish.

How long does it take for Congo Tetras to mature

When given enough space 4ft or larger they will mature very quickly. When you buy them through the shop like ours they are usually 12 weeks old. They will be old enough within 12 months.

Is my Congo Tetras dying

Congo Tetras are tough fish! If you find that one is dying then it will not school with its tank mates then you will see that it will slowly die away. You will see that they will loose there colours when they are dying and you should remove fish when they are dying.

What goes with Congo Tetras

A lot of fish goes well with Congo Tetras, from South American Cichlids to Discus, to Angelfish and even Rainbowfish. They are truly a very nice fish to have in your tank

What is compatible with Congo Tetras

They are best kept with South American Cichlids to Discus, to Angelfish and even Rainbowfish

What is the ideal kh for Congo Tetras

kH is not required to be checked with Congo Tetras as it does not impact them.

Will Congo Tetras eat cherry shrimp

Congo Tetras will gobble up cherry shrimps no matter how small they are. So, please don’t consider using Congo Tetras as tanks mates.

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