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Clown Rasboras (Rasbora kalochroma)

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Clown rasboras live in forest streams which are heavily stained with tannins. As a result direct sunlight doesn’t penetrate in to their environment and so the species does best in a low light set up. Bogwood, rockwork, twigs and dried leaves make ideal naturalistic decor for their aquarium. Clown rasboras are quite large and they are extremely active swimmers, as such they require a relatively large aquarium for their size. 250litres (typically a 48″ x 18″ x 18″ aquarium should be considered the minimum size for a group of these fish. It is essential that these fish are kept in soft acidic water if they are to thrive. Groups of clown rasboras should have a ratio of one male to two females if possible and ideally at least twelve individuals.

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