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Clown Panchax (Killifish) Epiplatys annulatus Killies

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Clown Panchax Killifish Care Factsheet


Care Level: Easy to moderate

Temperament: Peaceful predator

Color Form: Varied bright colors

Lifespan: 5 years

Size: 3-3.5 cm

Diet: Carnivore

Family: Nothobranchiidae

Minimum Tank Size: 20 Litres

Tank Set-Up: Freshwater with plants and rocks

Compatibility: Peaceful community

To keep your Clown Killifish happy, their habitat should be well lit, water parameters excellent, and a gentle current from the filter set. If you give your clown Killie these conditions, they can live for 5 years!


Rocket Killie


Clown Killies are also known as rocket killies and banded panchax. Hailing from western Africa, they’re found in southern Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The Clown Killifish is a peaceful micro-predator that feeds primarily on tiny flying insects and invertebrates.


Can we expect some clowning around?


Clown Killifish are shy (they are rather small) but they will become more playful when in a group, so expect some interesting schooling behaviour. They even enjoy jumping out of the water for some fun! Make sure to keep their tank lid tightly fitted so that these fish can have as much space as possible to live and play around without the risk of an excursion on the floor.


A unique look


Clown Killifish are also called Rocket Killies because they resemble tiny rockets. In addition, they have torpedo-shaped bodies that help them swim up for food, and they even appear as a fishy clown with round heads and spade-like tails.


Keeping Clown Killifish in the Aquarium


You can choose to house Clown Killies in larger community tanks that are already occupied by other species. The downside is the fish won’t reproduce as often if they’re placed with another type of inhabitant, so you should know what kind of goal you have for keeping these types of fishes before giving them a home.


Tank Recommendations

Plants: Water sprite, java ferns

Wood: Mopani, Malaysian driftwood


Are these fish easy to breed?


If you have a male and female in your tank, don’t worry about mating. Just maintain healthy water parameters to keep them alive, and they will breed when it’s the right time every month! Clown Killies are prolific parents who can produce up to 25 fry per cycle – twice each month until their population numbers get out of hand!


Feeding your Clown Killies


Clown Killies are carnivores that need a lot of meaty protein, but they can only eat tiny portions. They lay in wait for the insects to land on the water’s surface and then eat their prey – or what could be considered for them a tasty meat morsel!

Ideally, in captivity, we can try mimicking what can be in the natural environment: baby brine shrimp 1-2 times a day should do it!

There is advice on other foods on the internet but realistically, sticking with brine shrimp for a treat is good enough and achievable without spending a fortune.

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