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Christmas Moss

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Christmas moss makes a great alternative to Java moss if you’re sick of run-of-the-mill mosses. Just like Java moss, it makes a fantastic addition to bare bottom breeding tanks and a great hiding place and first food source for fry. But it adds a pop of texture to aquascapes that Java moss can’t.

Christmas moss also grows faster, denser, and more horizontally than Java moss. This allows you to make thicker walls, trees, and lawns in less time (and with less money!)

Christmas moss is also known as Vesicularia montagnei, or less commonly, Christmas tree moss. There are a few “variations” of this moss, like mini and Brazillian – which are recently-described species of Vesicularia – that are still sometimes called “Christmas moss” but they’re technically not.

Like any plant, Christmas tree moss has its downsides, and it’s not the perfect moss replacement for every tank. Although their care and water parameters have some overlap, Vesicularia montagnei is more finicky then Java moss, and its care requirements are more rigid.

Aquarium Care
Difficulty: Moderate
Size: 3″ (4 cm) tall
Propagation: Creeping & clippings
Fertilizer: Liquid
Speed Of Growth: Moderate
Temperature: 72 – 82 F (22 – 28 C)
pH: 5.0 – 7.5
Hardness: 5 – 15 dKH
Placement: Attached
Origin: Southeast Asia
Aquascaping: Accent

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