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Ceramic Multi-Function Beeramid Shelter- Aquarium shrimp spawning breeding cave

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Is it Out of Stock? Add it to your Wishlist

 Hardened ceramic shelter. Great for breeders or to provide natural like cover. Perfect for aquariums and terrariums. Special design for the existence of tropical fishes,shrimp.Design a natural living environment for the fish, shrimp to shelter or to generate.Use small thread to bundle the moss on the product constitute a nature living environment.Specially made with ceramic material that possess filtration function for aquarium.Couple with the use of far infrared rays, the appliance is able to provide a lively living environment for all living organism and stimulate the regeneration of purification bacteria.

  • Provides natural like shelter.Great for bottom dwellers.Perfect for breeding.
  • Material Ceramic 100%.Great shelter for plecos,shrimps, small fishes, baby fishes
  • Design a natural living environment for the fish to shelter or to generate.
  • Smooth surface can act as a breeding ground for fish.


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