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Blue Planet Betta Mini Warmer Pad 7.5w

$19.95 ea.

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Is it Out of Stock? Add it to your Wishlist
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The Blue Planet Mini Warmer pad, is designed specifically to suit small aquariums between 8-20L. It will warm water to around 24C, dependent on the ambient room temperature.

DO NOT PLACE directly onto glass or acrylic, near plants or other items that are sensitive to heat.

  • Must be fully submerged, before turning on.
  • Can be placed under the gravel or hidden as required. Ensure it has a layer of gravel between the glass.
  • Use the suction cup to keep off the side walls as required.
  • Change 10-15% of tank water weekly. Always add Seachem Prime
  • Suitable for both marine and fresh water tanks.
  • Good for both fresh and marine water.
  • Fully sealed, can be used submersible.
  • Compact size, easy to put into any place in the tank.
  • Great for nano tanks such as betta tanks

Suitable for tanks 8-20L

Size: 107mm x 50mm

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