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Bloody Mary (Red Cherry) Shrimp

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Bloody Mary Shrimp

Bloody Mary Shrimps are a very nice colour variation from the Red Cherry Shrimp.

Historically Bloody Mary Shrimp did not originate from selective breeding from the common Red Cherry Shrimps. Bloody Mary Shrimp originated by the mixing Super Black Cherry Shrimp and Fire Red Cherry Shrimps. Due to this selective breeding we now have the colours that appears today. The colour of the Bloody Mary Shrimp appears dark red and the richness of the colour stands out as something that should be carefully considered within your tank.

This strain of Bloody Mary shrimps stems from a breeder in Queensland who selectively breeds these shrimps for their colour and form. As a result, the quality of the shrimp is to us considered one of the best! When you are ready, consider getting some of these Australia bred shrimps.

When you purchase from Nano Tanks Australia you will be confidently surprised that the purchase you made comes from a reliable source who takes meticulous effort in breeding and raising the stock.

Most of the Bloody Mary that we have are sub adults.

Living Conditions

pH 7-8 (Sydney tap water is no issues)
TDS 100-200 (Not important as Australia Tap water is fine)
Temperature 22-26 degrees Celsius (This is ok in the Australian Climate but based of where you are based we encourage you to get a heater during the winter months)


Nano Tanks Australia has a consistent supply of these shrimps. We are proud to be one of the first shops in Australia to supply them. When you purchase from us rest assured that you are always welcome to check out our stock. We are a brick and mortar shop with an online presence.

Can Bloody Mary shrimp breed with cherry shrimp?

This is a very common question we get asked. The short answer is yes!

For this reason, we recommend that you keep your Bloody Mary Shrimp separately from your other shrimp stocks to keep the bloodline pure as possible.

What do Bloody Mary shrimp eat?

Bloody Mary Shrimps eat virtually anything. However we do suggest you consider feeding them the Hikari Shrimp Cuisine or the store favourite XXJ Premium Shrimp Food.

For those wanting a more premium quality food that is fed by our European hobbyist we suggest the Shrimp King Complete

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