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Black Phantom Tetra 2.5cm

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What is a Black Phantom?

Black Phantom Tetra or Hyphessobrycon megalopterus are a Tetra (Characin) that is native to Brazil.

What are the living conditions of Black Phantom Tetras?

Black Phantom Tetras live in waters around 20 – 28°C. It inhabits soft, acidic waters and grow to around 4cm. Hardness is not an important factor for them but around 18-215ppm is tolerated.

Are Black Phantom Tetras aggressive?

Individually or in groups they are not aggressive. We have Black Phantom Tetras with Neon Tetras and we find them without issues.

How many Black Phantom Tetras can I have?

We suggest a group of 6 or more of Black Phantom Tetras in a tank.

Do black phantom tetras lay eggs?

Black Phantom Tetras is an egg scatterer and they lay there eggs amongst plants or weeds. They lay around 400 eggs at one spawning.

How long do black phantom tetras live?

Black Phantom Tetras live for around 4 years.

What do Black Phantom Tetra eat?

Black Phantom Tetras eat anything.. They are omnivorous in nature and can eat anything that falls in the water. Pellets, Flakes, Live Black worms, Frozen Blood Worms are taken up.

What is your opinion on Black Phantom Tetra?

We love Black Phantom Tetras, they are a great addition to any tank and we believe they should be more prominently placed in your tanks.

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