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Betta patoti

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Betta patoti can reach a total length of almost 11 centimeters. Due to the length of the species, a fairly large aquarium is recommended, at least 90 centimeters in length for a pair. To ensure that there are enough hiding places, plus that Betta patoti feels at ease, dense planting is recommended. If required, pieces of wood can also be placed to provide additional hiding places.

The following water values were measured in the natural biotope; pH 7, dKH around 2, dGH 6. The water temperature was 24 ° C. Betta patoti is not a very aggressive species unless it is disturbed during reproduction.

It is claimed that this species is very similar to Betta unimaculata in terms of color while there is a big difference that can be derived from the photos. Betta patoti has blue scales, this pattern can completely give way to a more gold-brownish pattern, while the scales in Betta unimaculata are clearly copper-colored. The latter species also lacks the red spot near the eye.

Breeding Betta patoti

Betta patoti is a mouthbrooder. Mating is far from aggressive unless they are disturbed. In such a case, the female drives away the intruder. Neither of the sexes exhibits nest-defensive behavior after mating. More about reproduction is not yet known.

Credits to: https://www.aquainfo.org/betta-patoti/



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