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Betta Fish/ Shrimp Tank Package

$497.00 ea.

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This tank is very advanced and specially packaged to keep your fish healthy!  Designed by NanoTanks Australia to deliver the best possible fishkeeping experience, this betta fish tank package is ready to use right away but large enough to develop into a fair-sized nano fish aquarium.




1x Aquael 30 litres shrimp set smart.  A premium tank package, It contains a great light, filter & heater and is large enough for a good school of fish.


1 Betta or Shrimps of your choice up to our premium $50 range.

To receive your free Fish or Shrimps, simply add this package to the cart.

The Betta is a very hardy fish, gets along well with many nano fish (when there is more than 1), and can be introduced to the tank right away.  After a week, the following fish can join the Betta:

Female Guppies
Kuhli Loaches


325mL Seachem Stability.  This prevents “New Tank Syndrome” and ensures healthy bacteria keeping your fish safe.


325mL Seachem Prime  Makes tap water safe reducing chlorine especially.


A suitable Food.  Keeps your hungry Betta/ Shrimps satisfied with smaller pellets fed twice a day.


A suitable Aquarium Soil Premium soil for your fish, and enough substrate to replace the old stuff after a year.


3x Dragonstone.  1 small, 1 Medium and 1 large – Dragonstone is our recommended rock as it can be easily broken apart for Aquascaping.


1x Malaysian Driftwood.  Can easily attach moss to this and also is also a nice looking piece of wood!


3x Tissue Culture Plants to get you started


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Weight15 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 cm
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