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Betta Hendra 1M1F

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Betta Hendra – A new species of fighting fish (Teleostei: Osphronemidae) from Kalimantan Tengah (Borneo, Indonesia)

A colorful and vibrant species of betta fish, the Betta Hendra is a small skittish but intelligent wild variety from Southeast Asia. They’re often mistaken for their more aggressive cousin -the Siamese fighting type is known as Betta Splendens-, which occur commonly enough in that part of the world where they’ll both live happily together until one attacks or interacts differently with them than what’s expected; only time will tell who has dominance over whom thanks to this interesting little rivalry!

The males have vivid colors on every scale while females remain sleek like silver armor plates during breeding season so you can spot these beauties around ponds when hunting down some new friends for your own aquarium tank…


The Hendra is a small fish with a dark body and vibrant blue or green coloration on top. It has two bright red lines that run from its gills to the cover of its tail, which can be round in shape like plakats (a type of Indonesian sword).

When stressed, Hendra will change its color to a very pale brown and the red on its gill cover becomes duller than before.


The Betta Hendra is a fascinating fish that’s found in the wilds of Thailand. It isn’t uncommon for betta fish to be more colorful than their natural counterparts, and this particular variety falls under those rules! The Hendras prefer low pH levels between 4-6 with temperature preferences ranging from 24°C – 28 °C

Fishkeepers should strive to provide an aquarium habitat that resembles the natural environment of fish. The Hendra typically resides in blackwater habitats, which are slightly acidic and filled with leafy organic matter

However freshwater tanks can be just as fulfilling for these creatures provided they meet their specific needs!

The Hendra Betta is a fascinating fish that can be found in the depths of rivers and lakes. It has little to no current, it lives on plants with plenty of shade from trees like most other animals do!

Bettas are anabantoids, which means they breathe air from their mouth. To do so properly though and make sure the fish has enough space to breath in all directions without suffocating itself with water blocking its gills up against a lid on top of it or pooling around its body while keeping them wet at first then adding more as necessary according to tot heir size needs because bettas can grow quite large depending upon what type is kept when adult males might reach 6 inches long (15 cm) but most will only get about 3-4in.-6in


Hendras are carnivorous. They feed primarily on insects and invertebrates in the wild, but some can also be trained to eat flakes if they’re provided with those options too! In captivity Hendra’s prefer a varied diet including daphnias (larvae), blackworms, or brine shrimp as live food items – this way you’ll have more success when it comes time for your pet fish mealworm- tacos night at home 🙂


The Betta Hendra is a bubble nest builder. Males are in charge of building the egg-laying arrangements and will generally chase away any females once they’ve laid or settled their eggs, with males tending to maintain these bubbles for themselves while ensuring that everything stays lodged properly within them as well so nothing falls out too quickly before it has time enough on its own two feet long term (and short).

There’s some interbreeding potential here–genetic mixing might occur between different types of crossbred pairs over generations.

Tank Mates

The betta hendra’s personality is unlike that of any other fish. They’re not really meant for community tanks, but they can tolerate slow-moving and smaller species in the same tank with them if you have space to do so!



Are Betta Hendra aggressive?

The Betta Hendra is a skittish and very intelligent wild species of betta. It’s often mistaken for the Siamese Fighting Fish, which would be from its more aggressive cousin: The Betta Splendens

A small fish that can be found in southeast Asia, this Southeast Asian River Bet type has been mistaken by many aquarists as being similar to other types due to their aggression levels; they share certain markings too!

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