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Banana Lily (Nymphoides aquatica)

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Where do Banana plants come from?

Banana Plants are native to the US

Are Banana lilies easy to grow?

Yes, Banana Lillies are easy to grow and they do well in brightly lit tanks in tropical climates.

How big do aquatic banana plants get?

These grow to around 5-10cm tall and the aerial leaves will break the water surface and form a lily pad.

How do you plant a banana lily?

If you were to plant a Banana Lily it is best to plant it by bearing 2/3 of the bananas in the soil with only the tip protruding. If you did burry the whole plant you will find it will just rot away.

How do you propagate banana lilies?

Banana Lillies will send runners through the soil and new plants will grow from these runners.

The leaves will also grow new roots.

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