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Australia Black Worms Flakes 10g

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Australian Black Worms is proud to introduce it’s first flake product.
Suitable for all fish types, it contains 40% black worms.

Australian Black Worms are a natural food that nature provides and are readily taken by aquatic creatures and a real treat for fish. An excellent high protein food great for both Marine and Freshwater fish. We have them available in a loose form and also in cubes.

Clean Food

The worms go through the same cleaning and purging procedure as if they were going to be fed live. They are then frozen in 2.5 kg blocks and loaded into the Cuddens freeze drier.

A vacuum pump takes all the air out of the chamber and then raises the temperature from minus 20deg C to 50deg C .

Water will boil at 0 deg C in a vacuum, so as the frozen worms start to thaw, all moisture turns to a vapour that is then refrozen on coils inside the chamber.

The process is a little bit more complicated then that, but that is the basis of how it is done. The important thing about the freeze drying process is that it will remove all the moisture from the worms without altering the nutritional facts of the product.

The whole process of growing, cleaning and processing the worms is done at the one location insuring the best possible product.

Disease free

Australia has very few if any diseases that are transmitted from water to fish and the area where these Black Worms live and grow are away from farming and industrial areas.

The water that the worms are grown in, up to a short time ago, came from the same water supply that we got our drinking water from.

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