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Instagram Bettas (Halfmoons, HMPK, Elephant Ears, Giants) Males and Females

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Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens) has been a staple in the aquarium hobby for many years. Since the humble Veiltail and Crowntails came around these fish has been a very strong and staple fish in many homes.

How long have you been keeping Bettas?

Nano Tanks Australia’s owner, I had my first Betta when he was very young. It was because of Bettas that Nano Tanks Australia came alive. I have personally been keeping Bettas since I 1983 and have seen remarkable growth in the hobby ever since that time. My personal favourite are the Halfmoon Plakats and especially the marble and the koi varieties.

How long do betta fish live for?

Bettas live for around two years. When they arrive in a shop like ours they are usually 5 months old and they will live happily given adequate living conditions

Do betta fish need a filter?

We do recommend you keep you bettas in a filter tank. A sponge filter, a Hang On Back Filter or a Aquael Pat Mini Filter is ideal

Do betta fish need a heater?

We do recommend that you keep your bettas in a heated tank. The winters in Australia does get quite cold and Bettas are best kept between 22 to 26C. We do recommend you consider a Blue Planet Heat Pad or an Aquael Heater

How to breed betta fish?

Bettas are bubblenest spawners  and they are aggressive towards each other prior to mating. We recommend you check out YouTube as there are a lot of articles to review how they breed and more so how to take care of the young.

In a nutshell we do recommend you condition your bettas first and as you condition your Bettas you use super rich foods such as Hikari Betta Bio Gold or New Life Spectrum Betta Food. You should also give them ample supply of Live Black Worms to get them conditioned for spawning.

After conditioning we suggest you get a tank ready for them, An ideal tank is the Blue Planet 16L Tank.

Let the male explore in the morning and in the afternoon introduce the female in a clear jar.

At this stage the Male should start building a bubblenest. If he does then it’s time to release the female in the evening, if he doesn’t in the next 2 days then I suggest you seperate the male and the female and try to condition them again.

If the male and female doesn’t want to breed they might be incompatible…yes there is such a thing. Just like humans, we can’t be forced to mate with anyone…

However, on successful spawning the male will guard the eggs and it’s time to remove the female.

After 48 hours the eggs will hatch and 48 hours after that it is advisable to remove the male as well. Try feeding them with Prestige Bettas Golden Pearl Fry Food

What fish can go with betta fish?

There is a lot of other fish that can go with Bettas, the question you need to ask is what should NOT go with Bettas. Ideally you should not do any Barbs or Danios as they are too quick for Bettas. You should not add shrimps as well as shrimps will be eaten.

Are betta fish aggressive?

Bettas are generally not aggressive fish to other fish only to it’s own species. However like any personalities and temperaments in humans, some are psychopaths and narcissistic in nature. In the end of the day you just don’t know and it’s best to try and see what happens.

Do betta fish like caves?

The Betta Splendens complex don’t mind caves but they are not used to caves and we don’t advise you to get out of your way to put a cave as it usually isn’t used and they can die in the cave if it is too small or if it collapses.

Do betta fish need air?

Bettas possesses a labyrinth organ and this organ helps them breathe atmospheric air. If you do not give Bettas the opportunity to breath atmospheric air you will drown your Betta.

Do betta fish need light at night?

Bettas don’t need light at night but they do need a light source when they breed in order to see the eggs and fry as it drops from the bubble nest. In nature they use the moonlight for this purpose but at home they do need a backlight to achieve this same purpose.

How big of a tank for 2 betta fish?

Bettas really need to live by themselves and we do advise you to keep them isolated or with other suitable fish. You should not keep 2 males together due to the aggression.

How much should you feed your betta fish?

In order to understand how to feed your betta, observe a Betta’s eye. That is the size of their stomachs. So when they do need to eat make sure you feed them in moderation. If you feed them too much (just like humans) they can get bloat and die a painful death. Feed also a variety of food. You don’t eat the same thing day in and day out and so should you don’t give your fish as well.

How to keep betta fish water clean?

The easiest way to keep your betta fish water clean is by water changes. If the weather is cold I recommend you use warm water straight from the tap. Make sure however you add Seachem Prime and Stability into the water.

Is a betta a tropical fish?

Bettas are tropical fish and they prefer a temperature of 22 to 26C.

What do betta fish like in their tank?

Bettas are easy fish to keep, in the end of the day it’s not what the Betta Fish like in their tank but it’s owner.

There is a few no no you have to consider in your tank. You should not add any shells or sharp rocks and wood as it will harm your bettas. You should also use only aquarium safe plants.

Where can I buy a female betta fish?

We sell Female Bettas and we normally have phases. The best to do is to contact us via Facebook as we sometimes don’t advertise what females we have in store.

Where to buy exotic betta fish?

We sell heaps of exotic betta fish and we normally get some of the rarer ones that is upcoming. The only issue that you need to think of is the price tag. The more exotic and rare betta varieties the more expensive it is.

Where to buy live plants for betta fish?

We sell heaps of Live Plants in our store. We do recommend Crypts, Java Fern or Anubias for your Betta

Why is my betta fish floating on its side?

When your betta floats on it’s side it may mean that your betta is suffering from swim bladder issues. Unfortunately swim bladder issues is hard to overcome. The best way is to use decapsulated peas for your bettas. However this might not be adequate and may not be the best solution.

Why isn’t my betta fish eating his food?

Bettas usually will eat food that is offered to them. However, like humans if we are not well there might be occurrences that we don’t want to eat and may skip a meal. If this is a once off thing, then there is nothing to worry about. However if it happens regularly there might be an underlying issue. When this happens it may not be salvageable.

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