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5 Star Arena Betta Male and Female

$40.00 ea.

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Do you know that Arena Bettas are bred for fighting?
But these bettas are also great to view and their colours are so nice to behold.
With the combination of Blue, Red and Green they are such nice fish.

What are Arena Betta Living requirements?

Arena Bettas works exactly the same way as other bettas. There are no specific requirements. They make great tank mates with other fish and they are a great centre fish.

They also are not fuzzy with temperature, salinity or pH.

What are Arena Betta for?

The Arena Betta or the traditional plakat has been bred by the Thais for hundreds of years. It then flowed through to the other South East Asian countries like Indonesian and Malaysia. In those provinces there are Betta Fighting Competitions that can occur on a daily or weekly basis with high stakes competitions that are held.

In the most traditional clubs two Bettas are thrown into the ‘ring’ (Basically a flask). They will then start flaring and eventually sparring/ fighting with one another. The rule is that when a betta has enough of the fighting it will try to swim away or it ‘bows’ his head and this signals to the judge that the betta has conceded and thus lost and the winner wins the tournament. (A fight to the death in these contest is also unacceptable and it is avoided)

Are Arena Betta Competitions allowed in Australia?

In Australia the practice of Arena Betta Competition whereby the Betta are allowed to fight with one another is FORBIDDEN and frown upon as it falls under Animal Cruelty!

In Australia the governing body to manage these is the RSPCA and we in NTA are disgusted by the idea of a Betta fighting another (even if it is a natural event)

We see Betta Competitions as Beauty Pageants and we see the natural beauty these Arena Bettas have. When you purchase these Bettas from us, we have an understanding that these Bettas will live their life due to their beauty not their fighting skills.

This is why our Arena Bettas are priced accordingly.

How do we sell them?

Arena Bettas are unique. Due to this we are so excited and proud to provide videos for these amazing fish.

In order for you to select the one you want please observe the pictures and video on which one you prefer.

If you choose the Assorted variety you will be given one in random.

What you see here is what you will get.


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