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Apistogramma Panduro

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Apistogramma panduro (A-183), also commonly referred to as Apistogramma pandurini,[2] is a small species of freshwater fish, a cichlid from the Amazon river basin in Peru. This dwarf cichlid is closely related to Apistogramma nijsseni, so much so that they are placed in the Apistogramma nijessni species group. Some common names for Apistogramma panduro are Blue Panda Apisto and Panduros’ apisto.

Their name is derived from the Peruvian fish exporters who first collected this fish within the limited ranges in the western Amazon region, captured within the blackwater streams near Colonia, Peru. These waters are particularly softer and more acidic (pH < 6) with a sandy substrate. The distribution of the Apistogramma nijsseni species group (to which A. panduro belongs) occurs in isolated blackwater tributaries of the Marañon River, Ucayali River, Nanay River and Napo River of Peru, which drain to ancient Napo Superfan. They have a tendency for these low speed branching waterways found most commonly under cover due to increased light diffusion into the water by leaves and other shade sources.

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