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Apistogramma Cacatuoides Super Red

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Apistogramma cacatuoides HOEDEMAN, 1951 AKA Cockatoo Cichlid

The type locality was originally given incorrectly as Paramaribo, Suriname but this was later amended by Kullander to the “Amazon River basin, between 69°W and 71°W”. The species is currently considered widespread throughout much of the upper Amazon basin from the ríos Ucayali and Amazonas in Peru to the Solimões in western Brazil. Some populations exhibit notable differences in colour patterning.

Tends to inhabit slower-moving tributaries, backwaters and creeks in areas where fallen leaf litter collects and these may contain black, white or clear water depending on locality or in some cases, time of year.

Maximum Standard Length
Male: 7.5 cm Female: 5 cm

Water Conditions
Temperature: 22 – 29 °C

pH: Commercially-produced fish are relatively unfussy but some wild populations may require values of 5.0 – 6.0 in order to breed.

Hardness: 0 – 268 ppm, again depending on origin to an extent.

In Australia
These fish has been a great addition to the Australian Hobby. We used to get these fish as juvies or sub adults but these days we are getting these fish as adults which is fantastic. When you get these fish you will be able to appreciate the depth and the magnificence of the fish.

Reference: https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/apistogramma-cacatuoides/
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