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Aphyosemion striatum

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Widely available from Equatorial Guinea (found in the lower Mitemele River drainage system), to northwestern Gabon (in the Mbei, Komo, Gabon, Abanga & lower Ogowe Rivers).

An easy species to breed. Eggs are laid in top & bottom mops. Water incubation 13-15 days. Growth rate is quite rapid with sexual maturity being attained at about 4-5 months.

Anthony Pinto in BKA Newsletter No.269 (January 1988) reported breeding them in water of 5 – 10 DH, pH 7, water temperature 24 – 26°C.
Fry were fed newly hatched brine shrimp & microworm as a first food. Males were seen to start colouring up at 3 months.


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